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air compressor ideas

4 Clever Ways to Use Air Compressor All Around Your Tiny House

Tiny house living embraces creativity. In that spirit, we share 4 ways to use an air compressor, from helpful tips to fun crafts. Air compressors aren’t only used to power...
today's tiny house parking spot

Today’s Tiny House Parking Spot: A Video Series

Sharing Our Nomadic Tiny House Life Parked at the Red Rock State Park in New Mexico As you guys know, over 4.5 years, we've gotten around with our tiny house....
tiny house living_maximalist

“I’m a Maximist” Tiny Houses Aren’t Just for Minimalists

Do you have to be an extreme minimalist to live a tiny house? Absolutely not. Meet Andy. He is a self-described "maximist." He lives in a tiny house that is...
living with less

We Can Learn a Lot from Living with Less, and Here’s Exactly How

Living simplistically – or minimally – has become somewhat of an interior design trend in recent years The act of living with less in order to optimise and maximise space...
air fryer review_tiny house kitchen

Tiny House Kitchen Appliances: Is an Air Fryer Worth It?

Product Review + Tiny House Kitchen Tips With limited tiny house kitchen storage space is an air fryer a worthwhile appliance? We love fried foods, so we excited to try...
tiny house construction

The Quick Guide on Tiny House Construction

Are you considering moving into the world of tiny home living? Check out this quick guide on tiny house construction to get an idea of what the process entails! Tiny...

Top Tips on How You Can Tap into Minimalist Living

Minimalism was a 2019 mainstream phenomenon in terms of interior décor. Whereas once it was all the rage to fill your rooms with as much expensive and lavish furniture as...
tiny house living australia

Tiny Houses in Australia: How to Acquire Your Own Property

If you are thinking about buying property in Australia, there are certain things you should know. Read on to learn all about tiny houses in Australia. Are you looking for...
tiny house water

How Does Water Get to My House When It’s a Tiny House?

Are you aware of all your options for water in a tiny house? If you wonder, "how does water get to my house when I live tiny," your answers are...
gooseneck tiny house design

Man Builds Inventive Gooseneck Tiny House After Life-Changing Accident

There's no time like the now to repriortize your life around what matters most. Our most recent video is a throwback to a few years ago when we met Richard...
tiny house ac

Efficient Air Conditioning Tips For Small Homes

Small spaces can easily get hot and stuffy! Follow these efficient suggestions to keep your tiny home cool and comfy. The concept of tiny homes is more popular than ever...
propane for tiny house

Everything You Need to Know to About Buying Propane for Your Tiny Home

Curious about how much propane you'll need for your tiny home? We reveal everything you need to know about buying propane for your tiny house. Back in 2015, American propane...
10' tiny house in community

Woman’s Eclectic 10′ Wide Tiny House in Texas Tiny Home Community

What's better than life in a beautiful tiny home of your own? Parking in a community with kind neighbors. Robyn's bohemian extra-wide tiny house is just as delightful as her...
tiny house kitchen ideas

10 Amazing Tiny Home Kitchen Design Ideas You Will Love

Design your tiny home kitchen you will love for years to come. Keep reading for 10 amazing tiny home kitchen design ideas. Are you fascinated with tiny things? Or do...
tiny house family

5 Tips to Sharing Your Tiny House with Your Family

Do you consider tiny houses to be purely an individual or couple purchase? Many families prove that you CAN share a tiny house with kids! Here some food for thought...
tiny house moving day

Tiny House Moving Day! From Prep, Pit Stops to New Parking Spot Set-up

Ever wondered what goes into a tiny house moving day? In our latest video, we share behind-the-scenes of our most recent move. Safety first, always; see how we thoroughly prepare...
flooded tiny house

5 Flooding Preventions You Can Put in Place for Your Tiny House

How can you storm-proof your tiny house? Learn a handful of flooding preventions you can put in place to keep your tiny home from turning into a swamp. Did you...
tiny house plumbing-water systems

The Different Tiny House Plumbing Options You Should Know About

Choose the right tiny house plumbing and water system option for you. Currently, 63% of Millenials in America say they would like to purchase a tiny home. These homes are...